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EDLD 5370 Reading Reflection for Technology Facilitator Standard I

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We find that in Chapter One, Technology Operations and Concepts, that computer usage in itself is a higher thinking process that incorporates multiple factors for even a simple task. educators must keep up in order to continue to teach students and other staff changes in technology related to their work.  One thing that is highly recommended is that we train teachers on the basics of technology instead of using the technology for curriculum purposes. In essence teach a technology to the teachers and let the teachers discover how it can be used. “Teachers at intermediate or advanced levels of understanding have needs that are different those of novice users and cannot be expected to benefit equally from the same training experiences” (Redish and Williamson, 2009).

Researchers speculate that the teachers with the lowest levels of technology proficiency are likely serving some of the nation’s highest-need students (Market Data Retreival, 2004).  From what I have learned from chapter one is that technology leaders need to have a proficient understanding of technology as well as be able to build proficiency among fellow staff members. I find this requires a unique position. Many technology people are not quite personable. A good technology person will have the understanding and communication skills of a teacher and the knowledge, skillset, and awareness of a person who would work in the technology department.  This technology leader will work in a one to one or small group basis training educators and staff how to use technology provided.  Some staff will need more advanced training while some will need basic training.

I think about how I will interact with teachers from now on. My background has given me a strong knowledge of technology, but we must request that other teachers have an above average knowledge as well. If a teacher is going to teach and access some form of technology as part of their daily work environment they must be able to utilize the technology.  This leads us into Standard II in which teachers should understand technology in order to teach and integrate technology into their lessons.


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