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Reflection of the Overall Program

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Reflections of the Overall Degree Program

When I signed up for this program I had hoped to learn more about how to use specific technologies such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Adobe Premier, but as time went by I have learned that it is not so much the learning of the tools as it is the understanding of how such tools can be used to increase learning.  I have learned that as an Educational Technology Leader, I am to assist and provide guidance to other teachers and staff in implementing technology into district-wide usage.  According to Jo Williamson and Traci Redish, “Without a full adoption of the TF/TL standards and the presence of qualified staff to implement them, schools and school districts will fail to realize the potential of modern technologies for learning” (2007).

Many people may say that an online education is not as credible as attending an actual classroom or physical setting; but this program has offered just as much intensity as attending a classroom at a physical location. I liked the five-week sessions because I had to focus each week on the assignment. The work was equal to two weeks of a class that may meet two or three times a week over 15 weeks.  I worked with students from around the state to complete assignments. I learned from each, allowing me to have the same interaction I would have in a traditional classroom setting. All in all this has been equal to a degree gained at a physical location with a little more flexibility for me to do my work.

I truly believe education will change and we will see a continuing growth in online educational facilities from lower grade school levels all the way through university systems. More and more tools will be developed for education to become increasingly portable, and the separation between learning in a school and time outside of a learning facility will blend, creating a learning environment everywhere. Watson (2007) says “affording opportunities to at-risk students, elite athletes and performers, dropouts, migrant youth, pregnant and incarcerated students, and students who are homebound due to illness or injury; allowing them to continue their studies outside the classroom” is where technology is leading us.


Watson, J., & Ryan, J. (2007). A national primer on K–12 online learning. Washington, DC: North American Council on Online Learning.

Williamson, J., & Redish, T. (2007, August). Building Technology Facilitators and Leaders. Learning and leading with Technology, 22-26

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    24 Nov 15 at 6:36 am

  2. Great list! I kept a Gratitude Journal for a couple months before my daughter was born & it was amazing, especially after a hard day, finding all the things to be thankful for.

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