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EDLD 5370 Week 3 Web Conference

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Week 3 web conference was held with very few questions. Students seem to be doing well with their assignments and much of the time in the conference general conversation took place.  Some of the questions that were asked were in regards to APA style and how things should be structured.  It was a short and quick meeting.

EDLD 5370 Internship – Week 2 Web Conference

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The course conference call this morning helped relieve some stress that I was having because I had not received any grades on my first week. I was hoping to have week 1 grades so I could see what I was doing right and what needed to be improved on before submitting week twos assignment.  While I am probably making a few errors I was relieved when I was told by the professor that week 5 will over-ride weeks 1-4 assignment grades and that once we receive our graded assignments back we should make the corrections in order to have a very good complete assignment for week 5.  Of note was that the audio was not working and we resorted to just typing our discussion, much like the days of AOL Instant Messenger.  I look forward to getting my grades back, making changes and getting started with week 3. Just 3 more weeks left.

EDLD 5370 Internship – Week 1 Web Conference

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The web conference this week had its ups and downs. Primarily the downs were the technical difficulties that seem to plague Adobe’s web conference program. In this case the sound and picture faded in and out, and sometimes service was lost.  In the end we resulted to a bsic group chat in order to answer questions.  The best thing I got out of the evening was a link to a former students web site to see how they had done their work  which also gave an example of how our final report should look.  This answered my questions regarding how the introduction should be written.  By looking through the students website and the paper she wrote, I was able to get a better understanding of some changes I need to make on my site, as well as what is expected for each week.