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Three Year Professional Development Plan

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Three Year Plan

Over the next three years my plan is to increase my learning on specific software titles in order to be able to answer questions students and staff may have.  I believe it is important to thoroughly understand the software in order to help others learn.  From a career perspective I would like to continue teaching as I only have three full years in the classroom. Spending more time in the classroom allows me to continue to see how staff and students might use technology to learn.  I want to help our district offer more opportunities so students may have access to computer-based learning tools that would allow them to submit ideas, take tests, and experience their learning outside of the classroom.  One step I plan on introducing is a learning management system called Moodle. Since it is open source, I feel I can get the school to welcome the implementation of this tool.  From there I want to present some sample classes, introduce these samples to other teachers, and encourage them to use the system as well.  Even if they use it only to give tests, it can be a beneficial program.  This tool will best be used as a means to improve interaction. “There must be interaction between the teacher and individual student for building a community of learners. Having the course materials online is not the essence of online courses, but the energy that flows into it, throughout the semester.  This energy is the enthusiasm of the teacher to care, motivate, and make sure the student understands the materials for themselves” (Arsham, 2002).

Because I see the Internet as a great resource, I plan on trying a personal project over a set amount of time using only an iPad to see how well a device like that could be used as a tool for teachers or students in an educational environment. I will spend time researching available systems that interact with the school’s network, including what limitations there may be, and what methods can be implemented for increasing educational opportunities.


Arsham, H. (2002). Impact of the Internet on Learning and Teaching. USDLA Journal, 16(3). Retrieved from http://www.usdla.org/html/journal/MAR02_Issue/article01.html

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