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EDLD 5370 Reading Reflection for Technology Facilitator Standard VII

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Standard VII in which technology facilitators must be able to implement procedures, policies, planning, and budgeting for the use of technology has been very important in my field activities.  My key project for this course was maintaining our districts website and working to develop a better functionality of how we provide information to our community via the web.  Over the past 18 months we have gone from a static site that was manually updated, to a site that had contributors and provided a larger amount of content down to what teachers were doing, and finally to a site that integrates students access to courses and calendars, parents access to student work, and teacher access to additional utilities to increase communication to the school.

As part of this process, I had to develop plans and procedures for which the website was updated, discuss the use of copyright policies and plan for the deployment of files, templates, and additional resources to make our site public and usable.

In ISTE’s book concepts of budgeting are also discussed as part of Standard VII. While I do not do any budgeting in my department, I have been an IT manager in the past and understand the importance of this role in an educational setting.  Budgeting can be difficult for technologist because school districts have a very tight budget and if a system goes down, it can affect other items that may also need to be purchased in the future.  I have often seen the situation where funds run out in our district and we are left without replacements for broken computers until the next budget year.  Another problem I see is that technology often changes faster than schools can prepare for.  An example might be a school sees the benefit of using a form of technology that seems to have great potential, it is reviewed and awaits to be put into the next budget proposal, and then once the budget is passed and the items are allowed to be purchased, the technology has changed or is no longer a good standard.

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