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EDLD 5370 Reflection on EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics, Animation, and Desktop Publishing Assignments

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Our primary project in EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics was to create a newsletter. This assignment provided a lot of personal growth. I think it can be easy for us to say we can put together a newsletter, after all many put together a simple newsletter for friends and family at the end of every year. What I had to learn while doing this lesson was a number of rules and standards that most people do not think about.

The layout of pictures, the style of the font, the size and spacing all have to go into the consideration of what you are trying to say with your project.  The knowledge that I had to learn made the assignment much more difficult, but in return the finished product was much more precise.

My approach to this assignment was to hopefully create a newsletter that can be used at our school to provide tips and new information to teachers and staff about technology and how the district is using it.  While I do not see the use of the newsletter taking off at our school due to budget demands and how much paper is limited and at times even out at the end of the school year, using paper for a newsletter would not be wise.  In addition the web offers much more opportunities to create interactive media than what is just available in a newsletter.

However with interactive sites, I could see a digital multimedia based newsletter in which much of these same design concepts could be put into place.  The iPad has caused Newspapers and Magazines to begin to look at how their traditional methods can be placed into newer technology.

EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics Assignment

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