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Six Influential Courses

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Six Influential Courses

EDLD 5301 Research Methods

Research methods, EDLD 5301, was for me the best course that I had in regard to the amount of knowledge I gained.  Even during my undergraduate work I did not receive a course that offered concepts of how to do research.  What I had practiced many times, but never knew the type of research it was called, was action research.  For me, understanding action research in more detail would have been beneficial through most of this program. Unfortunately this course was introduced to me just two courses before my internship course.  I have noticed it now is required to be the second course.  I think this is a great advantage to all new students because it will allow them to start their research in that course and continue it for the rest of the program and present some quality research results.

EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology

Concepts for Educational Technology, EDLD 5306, is a great introductory course for this program. I found it very useful because it gave me a broad overview of what I would be experiencing during this program, from gaining a deeper understanding of the Texas STaR Chart to understanding digital natives.  I think we may start to see mobile natives as more and more students operate their technology in a mobile format allowing digital boundaries to disappear.  I feel it is important for school districts to accept the concept of a digital, mobile, and social culture that is more defined by a student’s willingness to learn rather than be confined by being told to learn.  I believe if we encourage students to use the tools they are comfortable with and encourage them to learn about a topic with those tools, they are more willing to learn.  In essence they are learning by showing what they can do.

EDLD 5362 Informational Systems Management

I felt this was an important course because it introduced some important aspects that technologists need to be aware of, and what can also be encouraged for educators to use.  There were many articles discussing the use of online courses and the use of technology in education. Because this is a key area that I believe technology will be leading education, I thought many of the readings and the assignments were very useful.  One of the items I found most interesting in this course was the discussion of course management systems. I believe schools will be implementing more of these systems and hopefully a statewide sharing initiative can get started where schools can offer their computer or web based courses to other districts allowing students statewide and nationwide opportunities they may not have in standard school settings.

EDLD 5364 Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology offered a welcome exposure to a number of online tools that provided collaborative learning environments. This I found very beneficial as I think students will be doing more of this in public schools as students begin to harness the power of digital technology as a learning tool.  For this course the students had to work together over the Internet to complete a project. This was the first time I really had worked on the Internet with a group of people I had never met before and actually completed an assignment.  It makes me think of how changes are being made in the corporate world, but it also makes me think about how we can change teaching as well. If students were to work with other students all over the world, then they will open their minds to other cultures and individuals.  This can be very important to both rural and interurban students as it gives them a broader perspective.

EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics and Desktop Publishing

Over time I found this program very useful. It was a nice refresher for me to take this course because it helped me remember some rules that I had not used since my college art classes about 15 years ago.  These rules and other design concepts are ones I had forgotten, and also important items I need to be teaching in my technology application courses as well.  While I don not see Desktop Publishing as an area that will be growing, I do see these tools useful in developing online multimedia based applications.

EDLD 5368 Instructional Design

This course really covered many things that I want to see happen in the future. As part of our assignment in this course, we had to create an online course using the website Schoology.com.  Because I feel that more and more classes will begin offering some sort of online course management system for the students, I felt I was able to see one tool that is available to teachers.  While I personally like some other applications that are available, this is a simple tool for schools or individual teachers to get started with to encourage a larger usage amongst their campus or district.  The Internet is a powerful tool, and course management systems provide an important role.

Examination of Educational Technology Leadership (Assignment 4.2)

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