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I was unable to make the week 2 conference and watched it late in the week. I am a bit frustrated that things change week to week and some information seems to be going out and some not. It seemed there was a lot of confusion as to the assignment based on changes to this weeks assignment.  While it is originally required that we attend one of these conferences, it is now becoming a requirement to attend or was what occurred soon after in order to keep up with changes in the course.  I understand there is need for change, but in a course where an assignment is a week, and takes a lot of time to make it happen making changes of the bat is not a good idea.  I felt bad for the one student who worked ahead on his assignment.  I hope that weeks 3-5 will have less changes.

Update: Week 4 conference had some confusion, but I think in the end all has worked out. I believe most of the groups are getting their projects done and from what I could see online, things are looking pretty good.

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September 5th, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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