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EDLD 5301 Week 1 – Action Research Project

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Action research or administrator inquiry is a systematic approach to reviewing data, recognizing a problem, implementing a change based on research, and reflecting on the change that has been made. It is a way for those affected by the problem to be involved and responsible in the changes that are implemented. While it may be easy to see a problem and buy a solution it is harder and more involved to be part of the researching and implementing the solution. By being part of the research you take responsibility on the implementation, you interact with those who are affected and you bond with those who are involved. The problem and solution becomes part of you.
At Maypearl ISD we have been hosting and running our own web site for the past 3 years. While a simplistic HTML template based site, it has grown to over 300 pages and consists of all forms of media. This year our Internet Service Provider stated they would no longer provide e-mail or web hosting, but only provide Internet connection services. This has placed us in a bind in which we have had to research new forms of hosting for our web page and e-mail. Using Action research we will work to migrate from our current hosting service to an improved solution to provide additional learning tools for our district.


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July 14th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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  1. Michael, your idea to use action research to find a solution for your web site hosting/email dilemma is a great application of practitioner-based inquiry. As you say, action research is a systematic process, and by using your blog to report your findings and progress, and solicit input, your school stands to reap the rewards action research promises. Targeting your efforts on instructional technology through the school website will benefit your students, teachers and the community as you work to improve communication with all stakeholders. A very worthy project!

    Allen Bordelon

    17 Jul 10 at 5:10 pm

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