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EDLD 5363 – Public Service Announcement

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It took a few discussions for our group to decide what we would do for a public service announcement. Originally we started out doing a Ken Burns style Internet safety psa but when one of our group came up with a rap we voted to do it and target a more youthful audiance.  We communicated by various means including a wiki, e-mail, chat, second life, and telephone. While members came up with ideas on the rap, others came up with ideas on how to add additional content to the animations I was creating for the wrap. In the end the team had some additional ideas and added to the animation work I did.  The development went smooth and great.  I did run into some limitations of After effects that I had to work around, but still was able to achieve the results we wanted.  We used creative commons copyright to our work since everything else was developed by us.  We produced our work to youtube for final publication for others to use.

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