Michael C. Warren

Technology and Education

EDLD 5344 School Law Reflection

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School Law was a very difficult class for me as I have only been teaching for 2 years. All of this information was relatively new for me. Coming from the corporate technology world, most of these laws were not relavant. Terms such as IDEA and 504 did not matter in getting technology out the door, or training a computer user on using a new software program.  In many ways the school teacher and staff have more legal boundries that they have to be aware of than individuals in other organizations.  A teacher has many rights that can protect them as well. Whether it be from administration, or students.  Educators are under a microscope to make sure they are providing the best education and well being based on what is mandated by the law, not just state law, but federal law.  We are required to give free public education to all school age children.

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