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In my life I have had numerous journeys, some were epic, and some not so much. What matters most is that my experiences on these journeys helped to make me who I am.

One journey in particular started in college when I discovered on a map a small town located in the Northwest Territories of Canada north of the Arctic Circle. It had a road going to it, and I decided that was a journey I had to make.  From that point I spent hours researching routes and ways to get there, only to write my plans down on paper.

After college my journey and dream became a thought in the back of my mind, and my books and notes of what I wanted to see became a dust collector on top of a bookshelf.  I became a hard worker and focused on my career.  I made several attempts at making the trip, but one reason or another I pushed it aside. For over ten years I did this until my wife whom I married in 2003 pushed me to complete this journey.  For the next year we saved money, and I worked on the agenda for when and where we would go.

My wife and I worked at the same place, and were able to store up 5 weeks of vacation for each of us. We left on May 27, 2005 and by our third day we were in Canada, where our driving hours were shortened.  The rush of the adventure was in full swing and our senses were beginning to be overwhelmed with the beauty that can’t be imagined.

The sight of wild animals standing on the side of the road, beautiful lush green vegetation and natural wonders that are part of the northern Rockies are not fully explained or even given full credit with pictures.  The opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat can be a life-changing event.

The trip to Inuvik and the return trip through Alaska were amazing; having achieved a journey north of the Arctic Circle was the end of a goal, and a start of many wonderful memories.  The journey would always be with me, but I was sad that it was over.

When one journey ends, another journey begins. I have been on many journeys and I will take many more.


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