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EDLD 5301 Week 3 – Action Research Project

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Action Research Project

Process Overview

Web Based Staff Development

How does the process of web based online staff development help teachers continue to learn and grow, and in what role can the technology leaders play a role in facilitating this process.

GOAL: Implements and test the use of online based staff development

Initial training to new web system Provide a training session with examples of how to use the new web system New eChalk system will be put into place in early August. I will train research group of teachers and administrators in computer lab. I will provide training. IT department for getting eChalk online 8/15 Interview research group and gather feedback Further training if needed
Train administration on creating staff development content for site Work one on one with administration to create content Scanner, Video, Administrative support, previous staff development documents I will work with select administration to help them create their training documents and possible quiz 8/24 Observation and Interview with administration to gather their thoughts of using the system. Will adjust one-on-one training if needed.
Teachers will use online staff development section Work with teachers to use the online staff development system to go through developed training. Teacher computer and internet connectivity I will answer any questions the teachers may have in using the online staff development system. 9/1 Interview and send surveys to teachers to see how they liked the online staff development system Will work with both administrators and teachers to answer questions in order to continue.
Final meeting with test group Have an overall group discussion on how the test environment went. Discuss in library Teachers, Administration and I will all discuss topic. 9/3 Overall Survey If initial test went well, open to larger group or test using it throughout the year with entire staff.
  1. SETTING THE FOUNDATION – With the new implementation of eChalk, a web hosting solution, the idea of expanding staff development to include alternative options than staff meetings should be considered.  This can increase staff development and include alternative and open scheduled training instead of mandatory in person staff meetings in which all teachers are unable to attend.
  2. ANALYZING DATA – Using Internet based research, observations, interviews with individuals from other districts I hope to find and implement best practice ideas for staff development from a web interface.
  3. DEVELOPING DEEPER UNDERSTANDING – During this process I will interview individuals taking part in the initial testing process and individuals from other districts who use online staff development options.  In addition I will research online schools and topics covering online staff development.
  4. ENGAGE IN SELF_REFLECTION – Based on interviews, research and observation I will take time to reflect on the benefits and disadvantages of web based staff development and look at possible changes that might need to be added to the project.  Possible questions for reflection might be:
    1. Do we have all the available resources with eChalk to do an online staff development system?
    2. Will there be enough of a benefit to a majority of the staff and administration to have an online option for staff development.
    3. Can the administration successfully complete training documentation or will other staff have to create the training documentation.
  5. EXPLORING PROGRAMMATIC PATTERNS – Throughout the project I will continue to interview individuals who are involved in the project to gain an understanding of problems that may arise and what possible solutions could be put into place.
  6. DETERMINING DIRECTION – The Project will begin after August 5th, once eChalk is put into place. This will enable me to create a training program to have ready by mid August that will allow me to train administration and staff to use the new site, and to offer a training course for administration to create a staff development lesson for the teachers to access. I will assist administration in their creating their staff training information and work with teachers to help them use what content was created.  Interviews will take place throughout the project.  A final open discuss will be used to help decide the continuation of a staff development process like this.
  7. TAKING ACTION FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT – Those involved in the project will be part of the committee to help develop online staff development for the school. After the initial testing with the group a larger or school wide group may be tested. Those on the committee will work with individuals and observe how the concept takes place.  Meeting every 3 months we will discuss observation and go over notes that we share via online groups that are developed in the new web system.
  8. SUSTAIN IMPROVEMENT – Upon conclusion of the project, information will be shared with staff and administrators on the results of how the training system was put into place. Such information may include number of online staff training documents accessed, videos available and watched, and quizzes taken.

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July 30th, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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  1. Michael, This is a great project. I like how the participants will be part of a committee to help you develop online professional development. This creates a sense of ownership of the project, for the participants too.

    Susan Haught

    6 Aug 10 at 8:22 am

  2. Mike:

    I found your action plan to be very concise and very well organized. Getting the required training on a new product is absolutely imperative. My experience has been that if a teacher experiences frustration with a new product or approach, they will abandon it and the likelihood of them utilizing it again will be difficult to overcome.

    Your timeline may need a bit of tweeking to allow time for teachers to absorb the new learning. Overall, a well written plan.

    Kathy Miller

    6 Aug 10 at 10:00 am

  3. I’ve heard a lot about eChalk and what an easy platform it is to learn and use. I’ve heard very positive reviews about interactive resources and lessons designed for whiteboards, which are areas I seem to hear a lot about. Professional development that would allow teachers to study and work through on their own time as well provide much needed help with their technology is a great resource. I also have heard it’s all web based so it gives staff the opportunity to collaborative and learn from any browser and anywhere. On the technical side, the one issue a fellow teacher from another district experienced was some issues with Internet explorer 6 (which is an old browser version) not being compatible and having limited help over the summer months because of the break. These are just some things I know about the platform that may or may not involve your research. I think your idea of a web based staff development program is a great idea. With all the technology advancements especially the World Wide Web has created its brought new opportunities to learners. Being able to channel a learner through a sequence of interactions appeals and reaches all types of learners.

    Nanette Chapa

    6 Aug 10 at 10:05 am

  4. Mike,
    Your research plan is very detailed. I like that you include training administrative staff before offering the online staff development to teachers. One question I have is: Will you provide one on one guidance to teachers who feel they need hands-on training individualized before they can go out and try it on their own? I have found that some resistance arises from those who do not like having to go out and figure things out by themselves before they can start asking questions.

    Melba Morales

    6 Aug 10 at 12:12 pm

  5. Hi Mike,

    Great work. I see that your are using eChalk. We used to use the web hosting company. It does have a good curriculum package that you can purchase so that the teachers can store and modify the lesson plans online. I like that you are having an initial training to get feedback. You understand the concept of training the administrators so they can model the concept. A good leader needs to know, what they expect from their teachers. Very detailed and concise.

    The only question that I have is what type of online system are you using. It is something similar to Moodle or a canned professional development like the we use from InfoSource from K12simpleAssements.com.

    Hey Mike could you please provide some feedback on my blog it is located at

    Salvador Huerta

    7 Aug 10 at 9:24 am

  6. Hi Mike,

    I like that you are focusing on helping administrators use technology as a training tool. This goes straight to the “source”, gets them involved and then creates a good example of how a teacher can also use the same technology for their students. If I am reading the plan correctly, it seems that the admins will need to create and post their training within one week. Is this an adequate amount of time? Will you be holding a group teacher section to go through the training as a group?


    8 Aug 10 at 4:31 pm

  7. I’m glad that someone decided to use the template. I didn’t because it looked as if I would not have enough room to write in comments. I think it looks good.

    D Zeigler

    8 Aug 10 at 8:17 pm

  8. Michael, will you be working with the teachers and administrators while they are working online? At our district we do have tutorials and Technology Proficiency Programs available online, but we don’t utilize them. Teachnology is intimidating that is why teachers and administrators are digital immigrants. How will you support them online? I’m not comfortable reading directions and am easily frustrated.


    8 Aug 10 at 10:41 pm

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