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March 2010 Field Activity Reflection

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Over the course of this first month after receiving information regarding what is required for the Internship I have begun to realize some things are already being set into motion. I also know there are many other things that I could place into my logs if I go back and look at what I have been doing since the beginning of this program. One of these items that have been in motion for a while is our continuing development of our web site. Since I redesigned the web site two years ago, it has continued to expand and we are offering new opportunities for teachers to create their own pages using Adobe Contribute. I have been focusing on training staff at the elementary and intermediate schools, while cohort Karen James has been offering training at the high school level. This month I provided some basic training as well as support for some issues were having with their software. In addition to helping teachers with Adobe Contribute I have put together some ideas to offer staff development training to teachers who would like to learn about Google Docs, Google Sites, and Survey Monkey and how they can be used in their classrooms.

Besides work that has already been in development I have started to work on offering students an opportunity to take the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist for Microsoft Word. This is something we are hoping to grow over the next few years by offering more and more certification options for students. This year we only have 5, but I am hoping in the future we can offer the test as part of the curriculum.

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